Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Am I really sick??

This is the varicella virus which I supposedly now having.....yup chicken pox. Who says that when you get it once you'll never get it again.... My first chicken pox infection was in November 2000 when I was a junior MO in the Paediatric ward in HKL. Contracted it when an infant was brought in with severe infection when I was oncall... no choice but to clerk, examine and treat. 10 days later I came down with severe headaches , fever and later the rashes.

This time around it is different. No prodrome symptoms - no fever, no headaches (not that I can remember). Woke up on Monday felt pain in my right flank - looked in the mirror and there it was few maculopapular lesions. Initially thought it was Zoster or shingles as there was none on the other side but decided not to risk it and called in sick. When to see the physician who was my classmate in UM but he wasn't convinced. Told me to take some Cloxacillin as he thinks it is a staphylococcal infection.... told me not to go to OT but should wash hands in between seeing patients in clinic.... No OT??? As a surgeon I think that is the bulk of my work.

At night I decided to check again my body.... whole trunk now affected. I then decide to self treat - T acyclovir 800mg 5 hourly for 7 days. Even if it is not varicella it looks viral and I don't know how infective it is.... called in sick again, decided to go see my GP friend in KL.

My rashes got worse and everyone who looked at it thinks it's chicken pox.

Today, I got appointment to see my good friend Joseph in HKL. If he thinks it is then MC for another 7 days.....arrgghhh... I going bonkers.... as I cannot go out nor work

Plus, looks like my trip to Tioman may be cancelled... Arrgghhhh...


Insurance Salesman said...

I've known several people who had chicken pox twice. Me as well, only thing to do was enjoy the MC. Happy Holidays Bakawali

John F SeaDemon said...

When you described me the symptoms, I saw nothing else but penyakit ayam babi.

Don't worry about missing Tioman. I'm planning a trip there after Raya.

Bakawali said...

i want to go to tioman coz this will be my last trip with saliha b4 she goes off to aberdeen

2. my sis says LOB tioman is a great experience

3. Puasa is coming soon