Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jumping Queue

Came back to work reluctantly yesterday. Was to be a busy day, OT (operating) day for us. Had 9 cases lined up... my colleague and boss went into OT early, I was left to do rounds. Ahhh still so sleepy then.

Anyway, about 11am some old classmate (from my UM undergrad days called)

classmate :" Hey lynn, xxx ere"
Me :" Hey, wassup?"
Classmate:" Want to ask you a favor..."
Me : " Yeah, what can I do?"
Classmate:" My friend's dad 'En So and so' was admitted to your ward with a hip fracture and you told him waiting time is 2 weeks. Can you hasten his surgery as a favor to me?"
Me :" Huh?"
:"I am sorry dear, I have 15 patients on traction if I want to hasten anyone's surgery I have to follow the order they came in to the hospital... No cannot help you there"

15 minutes later got a call from my MO that the patient wants AOR to go to UH as treatment there is faster.... yeah go ahead... worked in UH... same waiting time...whatever!

What pisses me off is my 'friend' having the cheek to ask me all this things. When I went for my dental checkup in a government hospital I took a number, waited 2 hours for my turn. Never have I asked the nurses can I be seen earlier as I am a doctor....NEVER!!!

It's not fair for others, and I cannot oblige!!!!