Monday, August 27, 2007

Rescue Me - A Redang Experience

Got back from Redang earlier this morning...

The Rescue Diver course was difficult. I have to beef up and work on my stamina. I managed (barely) to finish all the modules. It was tough, especially the tired divers' tow and carrying the victim to land (well, I dragged my 76kg victim to land). After an hour's session of in water rescue breathing and diver's tow I almost gave up.... ahhhh... was thinking, can we continue another day. But Kaz the perfectionist would not let me go that easily... again!!! again!!! again!!! when I stumbled on the sequence etc...

The theory exams was ok.. more of common sense. But I got 5 wrong....there my commonsense became nonsense...hehehehe... but at least it is enough to pass.

So now I am a Rescue Diver..hahaha... hopefully no one would ever needs rescueing..

Why did I do it??? Good question, was thinking about that when I was suffering towing my 'victim'... Well, I dive a lot, with a lot of different people with different dive experiences. I shudder to think if the day comes when one of my 'buddies' may need my assistance during diving and I am not equipped with the knowledge to help them...

Another is, maybe I want to go further in this passion of mine... Master Scuba Diver or the other wing of professional dive industry... Still thinking and keeping my options open.

The most enjoyable experience for me this time is seeing NOT ONE but TWO seahorses... ahhh dream come through... During our last dive yesterday, Adrin aka Macha took us to Holysand.. ahhh because of the seahorses I deco'ed... Macha had to do 10 minutes of safety stop.. but I was grinning ear to ear...

Waiting for Macha's photos of the seahorse to post!

Alas my camera had problems so I did not take any underwater photos this time...


Kurt said...

Congrats on your Rescue Diver Cert... Am still finding the time to do it, dang. The time I have I would rather do some leisure dives... but 1 day I will, just 1 day. Haha... :)

So hoped you have done the actual CPR this time... hee hee hee ;-)

Bakawali said...

Actual CPR???? My victim was waiting lorrr... he was hoping that I have to do it... but his wife sitting there observing... so no actual mouth to mouth lorrr... only mouth to MASK.... lucky mask.. hee hee hee

Borneoturtle said...

Hi Sayang
Wanna wish you congratulations in your rescue certification. How are you and the your 2 buddies? Missed all of you after our Bali trip together gether. heheh keep in touch k.
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