Friday, August 31, 2007


Pronunciation: "kän-v&-'kA-sh&n

Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French, from Latin convocation-, convocatio, from convocare 1 a : an assembly of persons summoned b (1) : an assembly of bishops and representative clergy of the Church of England (2) : a consultative assembly of clergy and lay delegates from one part of an Episcopal diocese; also : a territorial division of an Episcopal diocese c : a ceremonial assembly of members of a college or university 2 : the act or process of convoking

History: The word convocation originally referred to gatherings of the clergy of Canterbury and York, but in 1577, Oxford University used it to describe the assembly of its graduates. Ever since, students around the world have been admitted to the order of scholars in a convocation ceremony.

Many of the rituals held at modern convocations and the symbolic significance of the regalia date from a time before OxfordÕs first convocation. The scarves or hoods students are wearing over their shoulders represent the hoods worn by the monks. They were decorated with colours and symbols identifying what the wearer studied--medicine, law, theology or the liberal arts.

As for me, I think convocation ceremony is a waste of time... sit there for 5 hours (cannot go to the loo, cannot talk with your friends, cannot do anything) listening to some old fart talking and waiting for your turn to go up the stage and receive the empty 'scroll'. The person handing it may be some 'idiot' who does not know a thing about you and what you do and is there because he is the 'Orang Kaya blah..blah..blah'.

And then, come out everyone taking photos in the idiotic looking gown and hood (I'd wear that if I was going to act in the next episode of Harry Potter)... overpriced flowers here and there... huge (overpriced again) teddy bears given as gifts to the 'matured' adults.... and so on and so on...

My friend Nora (who is really soapy about all this things and who is so 'prim and proper') was telling me that I should be proud to go up and receive the 'scroll'.. Why do I need to be proud in front of other people???? I am proud that I am who I am, who I have become and what I will be in the future...I am proud of the values I hold dearly to my heart.. I do not have to go up and shout " look I made through my Masters Programme" to be proud. That is just being arrogant.

So this year, to commemorate being proud of myself....F@#% the convocation. I will be at work on Wednesday

p.s. I'd rather be diving


Insurance Salesman said...

Go or don't go also ok Bakawali, still graduated. Just want to say Congratulations