Sunday, August 05, 2007


It's now 2310 hours, and it has been a long day for me. I have a blocked nose and may be coming down with fever. It all started yesterday.Woke up at 5 am (slept at 1am) to prepare my presentation for a state level talk for medical officers and paramedics which was supposed to start at 9am. I barely made the deadline...

By noon I went shopping, mom and the whole jingbang decided to come to visit me plus visit the Pekansari on Sunday morning... they told me I don't have to bother bout preparing food but since I'm having my 1st official visitors ever since I moved here I decided "ahh... what the heck". Went first to the market and then supermarket... bought more cups and plates and some utensils... I only have stuff sufficient for 6 guests :).

My guests arrived at 1600hours. I realise then my apartment is very small. Everyone brought their own pillows and 'toto' as I warned them beforehand that I don't have enough beddings... not enough for 10 people anyway. Arrgghhh.... so many people in a small confined space!

Anyway, the plus side of the visit is I got to makan mom's nasi lemak, patin masak tempoyak and also got a few free stuff. 4 pans and pots; 4 stools, a table fan; a carpet; few cutleries.

The downside is, I got my flu. I was drinking iced ribena whole and iced water don't mix.... Woke up feeling so lethargic..... aaahhhhhh.....

My family left at bout 1400hours while I was at the hospital.. had to go and do the surgery on a 8 year old who had a patella fracture and couldn't make it to watch them 'off' (not to say their taking any flight..heheheheheh)..

Slept after that till 1800hours which made me feel more and more lethargic. Decided to go swimming... my cure to lethargy is to exert the body more.... more blood flow... Well, it worked to a certain extent.... no more stiff neck.

Now, back at home after my night rounds took me nearly 90minutes to write this... I am such a poor writer! Going to sleep soon... got cases to do tomorrow in the elective OT. Hope I get better!