Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tak Apa Attitude

I am oncall again this weekend... ah... last night decided that I at least have to do something constructive today. Not just switch on the internet and watch ASTRO. And so, woke up at 7.30am, rolled in bed, drove to Mentakab to swim at the Bukit Bendera Resort. Swam for about 45 minutes, then drove to hospital and did rounds with the MOs and HOs.

By 11 I was free, hmmmm.... so I decided to walk around Taman Bandar, a lakeside recreational area in Temerloh town. Seen it everytime I pass the UMNO's on the opposite side. Never expected a huge area.. However, as usual, the place is not well kept. Litter everywhere, there are adequate rubbish bins but they are under-utilised. I am so used to the cleanliness of Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and I found this disturbing.

However, we must blame the visitors. Malaysians, although we claim we are going towards developed nation, do not have the mentality and attitude of a developed nation. People have the 'tak apa' attitude.... "buanglah sampah merata-rata...takpe... apa guna ada majlis perbandaran"... "tandas tak jirus, takpe...apa guna bayar 20 sen"... Aaarrrggghhhhh....

We have to teach and educate our fellow Malaysians on basic hygiene and cleanliness. Just because some other person left rubbish on the street doesn't mean everyone has to add on to the pile. It starts with ONE person, it might be a small gesture but it's a start.

Teach our young ones and hopefully they'll grow up with the right attitude. My dad used to scold us if we throw anything out of the car and at the end of a trip his car is usually messed up with the rubish us kids make. He would clean up after us but never complain. We were told that if we don't take care of the environment we have no one to blame except ourselves when our homes and towns become a dump pile. When we went for picnics, my parents would prepare rubbish bags and all of us had to clear our mess and take it back home to be disposed. And thus one would understand why I cringe when I see some parents encouraging their kids to litter.


SeaDemon said...

Only hope is education

Bakawali said...

You're right SD...

Education is our children's only hope