Friday, August 10, 2007

Special treatment....

I am upset.

Got a phone call from the hospital's Timbalan Pengarah asking me how much is the surgery for the KSN's brother surgery. Told her I had no idea, but shouldn't be a problem coz the family was agreeable and said they can afford paying for the implant. He has a neck of femur fracture and thus require a hemiarthroplasty.

But the TP was adamant, "oh, State Pengarah wants to know so.....". I got irritated, hate bereaucracy, hate ass-kissers, and hate stupid bitches!... When I told then to give my number to KSN or even the SP so I can explain what's going on she refuse...aiyaaa...I know la you're scared I become Datuk 1st....

Anyway, out of frustration I told her off..." what is this... they can afford the surgery and implant and I have spoken to the sons and daughther and they agreed... plus he is not a government servant or whatever, that entitles him free treatment and implants.."; "It's not fair when you ask me to differentiate patients on who is their relative or their posts...". And the TP was flustered and went on and on that it's not her wish...blah...blah...blah.....


Isn't this situation crap? I am irritated because for the past 8 years, I have never differentiated my patients based on their status or wealth... I treat all like I will treat my family, my parents.... I think when I do that I would not make any poor judgment for my patients' care.

I hate it when people insists to be called Datuk, Tan Sri or whatever la. Most of the times it's not the person hinself... It's the Bureaucrats that make such a fuss.

When I was in HKL few years back, I used to look after this nice old man who had osteomyelitis of the foot. He was kept in the 1st Class nephrology ward (he had renal failure too) and I came daily to examine and dress his would. I would call him uncle and he's very happy when I come... Every time they hear me calling him Uncle, the ward sister (or matron) reprimanded me and told me to call him Dato' . As if I care, Uncle and I had a special bond, I was the one making sure his feet would survive. He later passed away but I met his wife after that and she actually thanked me and said Uncle had told her that I had genuine care for him and considered me like his own daughter.

I guess when you treat people like family you become family.


SeaDemon said... wonder you asked me if I know what is Arthroplasty. And your TP doesn't know? Send her to me. I'll teach her med school again.

And since I feel lethargic...I was wondering why would someone with osteomyelitis stay in a Nephro-ward. My vision's going bonkers..I read but brain's not registering.

Bakawali said...

Well, the uncle also had renal failure and thus needed regular dialysis...