Monday, August 06, 2007

One Two Three.... Get set...GO!!!!

Re-started swimming yesterday.... why you may ask.

1. I'm planning to do my rescue course in 3 weeks' time. Need to shape up
2. Advising patient to exercise 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes but not doing it myself makes me a hypocrite
3. My weight have been stagnant at 59.9 kg. That is the heaviest I have been ever!!!
4. I am deco'ing on the surface- need some water immersion... least chlorinated water.

I managed to do 500m yesterday (300n non stop followed by another 200m)...I thought it was a good attempt. Today I did 650m (initial 450m non stop)...

Let's see how far I can push myself (planning to swim daily 1000m non stop)


SeaDemon said...


Condition your body slowly...nanti terkejut

Bakawali said...

heheheh..... I was in my best shape (stamina wise 8 months back)... need to get back to it... or i'll be a fat old lady