Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bomoh Patah Part II

I am sick and tired of this Pahang people.... Bomoh.... bomoh...bomoh.... They believe so much in the spirit world... that is why Pahang most famous bomoh is Mona Fandey...

Why the sudden outburst??

Well, during clinic day today my MO showed an X-ray of the tibia of a 17 year old girl. Saw her 3 weeks back and she had comminuted fracture of the upper tibia.... luckily at that time it wasn't displaced... so treated with cast, alignment was perfect

Well, at home she took off the cast, went to the bomoh and today came crying as the leg is now bent.

Now have to plan for surgery.....MORE WORK FOR ME!!!!!!

Hmmmmm...... hate these idiotic morons


John F SeaDemon said...

Why don't you do a BKA? Saves you the problem, and the lesser time you spend there, the lesser chances of you bumping into your boyfriend the schizo MA.