Sunday, August 12, 2007

Malay translation needed

Spent the last hour or two making leaflet on diabetic foot care for my patients. Had to translate the info I had into Malay.... That was difficult. I still don't have an idea what certain words are in Malay. Help anyone... these are terms related to the feet

Blister = ????
Corn = (not jagung lah)
Callosity = ????


Insurance Salesman said...

Corn - Ketuat
Blister - Lepuh - At leat I think thats it.
Callosity - Kulit berkerak dan rapuh.

I think you'd best check dictionary la.

Aproval iresatan - correct or not? for SD.

Good night and Assalamualaikum Bakawali

Insurance Salesman said...

Sorry corrections
Blister - kulit melecet
callosity - rekahan kulit kaki ?

Never was a teacher. Hahaha

Insurance Salesman said...

Honestly, I'd think more people would chip in. but...
Callosity - kulit kematu ?

Today is a really blue Sunday

Bakawali said...

heheheh..thanks insurance salesman,

someone says callousity is belulang... I have never heard of that term... ah... have to wait to go back KL to get my Kamus Dewan