Thursday, August 16, 2007

Me, the cancerian woman

Saw Lily's blog on her astrological sign and what I presumed the love of her life. Anyway, I was wondering what is predicted of my lovelife in the astrological terms....This is what was written

Cancer: The Amorous Nature


She may appear like the photograph of that dream girl most men carry around in a hidden locket of their minds. But lurking just below the surface of that shy, sweet image is a superbly sensual woman. There are secret emotional depths to her, and like the story of the Sleeping Beauty and her Prince it takes love to awaken her eroticism. Love unlocks the smoldering fire hidden by her diffident manner.

Don't expect her to be forward, however, because she doesn't know how to be. You must pick up the subtle clue, the unspoken invitation. She may be trying to get in touch with you while your emotional phone is off the hook. If you miss that first chance, you're probably out of luck. Her feelings are too vulnerable for her to risk another overture.

As with all the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), the quality of trust is very important to her in a relationship. The Cancer woman is very cautious about giving her heart away. The two things she needs more than anything else are love and security, and she offers undying loyalty to a man who makes her feel secure. She has eyes only for him, and she'll cling as tenaciously as if she had pincers instead of arms. A betrayal in love is devastating, and takes a long, long time for her to forgive. In truth, she never forgives—rationally, yes, perhaps, but emotionally, never.

On first meeting Cancer woman you will find that she can be flirtatious, although in true subtle Cancerian fashion her flirting is done in a quiet way. Hers is not a flamboyant personality, but rather one of gentleness, depth, and richness. She is not only romantic, she's convinced that love, love, love is the secret of life. She wants to discover the secret with the man of her dreams. This sounds old-fashioned, but that's part of her charm: she is old-fashioned. It's a special quality that makes men feel protective toward her.

A confirmed sentimentalist, she loves to collect mementos from the past and pore over them. She frames old photographs, keeps old letters, stays in touch with old friends. She is devoted to her mate and to her family.

Affectionate, romantic, feminine, sympathetic, imaginative, and sweetly seductive, this quintessential woman can make home a place that a man never wants to leave.


Insurance Salesman said...

Bakawali, can I take you home? Then I can never leave. Hehehe

Bakawali said... salesman, can.... why not.... I am single and available.. but are you???

ming.... said...

i dun believe u are in the boat as SD.... hehe....


Insurance Salesman said...

Bakawali, mocha correct, not in same boat as SD. But different boat, was telling oneon that at 41 all problems comes full scale. never imagined before. Can take u home, meet wife la, see if she agree, but I know u sure never agree.....Happy diving Bakawali with SD. I hope you enjoyed it. Me ? Swim also cannot, float can la.

Bakawali said...

Hahahah....Ming... I am not la... me happy being single

Insurance salesman... you're right I am not that type of person that would agree to such arrangements..

Btw the diving was great!!!!

Lily said...

Ermmm... I was surprised reading the first few lines which is about... ME? Love? hehehehehhe wait and see sis... Wish you all the best in it too... :)

SeaDemon said...

Oi...apa ngumpat ni?