Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feels like in the city

A new joint in sleepy hollow Temerloh


- guile - said...

one good pulling factor to go to temerloh.

John F SeaDemon said... sure?

Currently your planet's gravitational pull to stay home is a lot stronger than Sheikh Muszaphar's 8.5G experience.

ardy said...

Seems like a good place for a date. But then again, anywhere with you is a good spot ;)

- guile - said...

John F Seademon,
I'm living a real life. I lead my life the way I want it. Whether I go here or there or anywhere, it is my decision. I am at no one's mercy except HIM above.

Spena said...

Ardy - let's go for a drive to Temerloh. I haven't tried this place's coffee yet.

Bakawali said...

Yeah Spena n Ardy... do come... I am bored like always ere. Could use some company