Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My first love

Had to have this last night.... pucuk paku goreng. This was the 1st dish I ever learnt to make. As a 9 year old I would pester mom to make this (hmmm to think about it... this was my first favourite dish ...ever)... Anyway, mom told me if I like it so much I have to learn how to make it myself.... and thus my subsequent love with cooking. After that, whenever anyone had a craving for this I was the official cook...


John F SeaDemon said...

So this caused you to have diarrhoea?

Did you have an ambulance on the standby?

ardy said...

A woman who cooks can always melt my heart away, anytime (especially with food)

Bakawali said... lah... u know my obsession with cili api.... put like 10 times the allowable amount

Ardy... which woman????