Sunday, October 14, 2007

What am I looking for (in a man)?

Someone asked me this question a few days back. I was rather amused but then started thinking about it. Ahhhh..... damn tough question. Women are rather complex aren't they...heheheheh.

What I don't like...or would try to avoid?

  1. Typical Malay attitude
  2. Typical Kelantanese attitude
  3. Men whose aim is to mold a woman into their ideals
  4. 'Small janggut people'
  5. So-called good and 'alim' people (well, this is the same as no 4)
  6. Guys who like to brag on how good they god, do you think I am stupid and cannot judge for myself
  7. Stupid guys (male version of bimbos or what I call Dumbos)...uh duh..
  8. Scruffy looking fellas (have some decency to shave and comb ones hair laaaa)
  9. Men who cannot talk..... this i may give a bit of slack as they may be a bit awed when in my presence...
  10. Men who have no balls to say "why don't we go out".... and instead send sms "blh knl awak ke??"

What would be a 5 star sign in a guy?? (Bonus link points)
  1. Speaks and writes good English
  2. Athletic and outdoor type of person
  3. Well read (not a nerd if no 2 is taken into account) so that I can learn something new from them
  4. Passionate about what they do .e.g work, hobbies etc and know what they want
  5. Confident of themselves and appreciate my intelligence and not be threatened by it (I am a smart woman,,, occasionally I may act like a stupid bimbo but that is usually when I am bored or when I want to test a person)
  6. Looks...NOT!!!.... Heheheh... I am shallow but looks most probably is not the main criteria... It is what you call a beautiful mind that is more enticing...
This is a general guideline but then it really depends on chemistry.


ardy said...

I'm scruffy and hate combing my hair but I scores 6 out of 6 bonus link points! Woohoo!

So where do I register? ;)

Spena said...

Bakawali-you might get a guy who could teach you how to do 'rock' climbing and in return you could teach him how to 'dive' and both of you can go for a basketball game - one on one!!

Bakawali said...

Ardy, I though you have already registered....*wink*

Spena.... where can I get this guy??? I want....hee hee hee