Saturday, October 13, 2007

Raya shopping

I left work at about 11 am on Thursday to go shopping with Guile. Had a target....I needed shoes.

My Scholl loafers are almost at their death bed. The sole are cracked and when I went to the wet market earlier this week the water seeped through...euwww... that was the sign I needed to make me go shoe hunting.

Anyway, we headed to the Curve.... 1st Metrojaya- saw a few Scholls but the design wasn't that great. Moved over to Ikano towards Crocs- wanted to see the new Crocs Sassari... so beautiful... tried 2 sizes..size 5 and 6... 6 felt a bit loose so I went with size 5. Wore it immediately... the sole is so comfy, however the sides started biting. Thinking, should I have bought size 6?? ah RM 169 too late.

my Crocs Sassari

Then we went to One Utama (old wing)... Ah... sale at Jusco... saw Scholl, Clarks and finally Snowfly.... Design wise I loved the Snowfly...and so comfy...soft leather. Ah what the heck, I only buy shoes once in two years.... and this is only RM153 (after 30% discount). So the total damage is RM322... (thanks to Guile...I think she secretly works in the shoe making industry *wink*)
the comfy snowfly

Next shoe shopping - Raya 2009


Spena said...

I think we have lots in common! Other than the love with 'cans' I also like Snowfly's design and comfortness.
Warning!! Do not go shoe shopping with Guile!!

Bakawali said... i know...evil woman.... heheheheh

all jazzed up said...

Oi, sassari jugak! :)

Bakawali said...

Hi jazzy...

I first saw the sassari on your blog... that's y went hunting for it...