Thursday, October 25, 2007

Foreskin hangbags anyone???

Saw this near the Curve. I wonder why they chose this name... Maybe because I am a pervert what I saw was Foreskinstore. Hahaha... but maybe, that was the intent. Who knows??

The foreskin is a retractable double-layered fold of skin and mucous membrane that covers the glans penis. It is usually the part removed in the male circumcision. My youngest brother was so aghast of the thought of going through the circumcision process. He then had imagined that the foreskin would then be tossed out of the window where a pack of hungry dogs would be waiting patiently... to devour part of his ex-anatomy.

Perhaps, if he knows then what we know now he wouldn't be so worried. The foreskin will not be tossed to hungry dogs... the attendant will just pick each and every one and store them in a fridge. The foreskin would then be cured to make foreskin leather which will in the end becomes part of a lady's handbag. Ah what a fine handbag the foreskin will make... previously protecting and covering the symbol of male manhood (yup it's a hood) now it's displayed and caressed by soft female hands. What a thought!

So gals, head up to Foreskinstore, it's your chance to own a former member of the male manhood.


- guile - said...

foreskin handbags??!! ewww!!!

Spena said...

OMG!!! How could you even think of that??

John F SeaDemon said...

They turned mine into a 20-man tent.