Monday, October 15, 2007

Puasa month was a good month for food. Although I rarely ate out but I had loads to eat, and variety too. I guess fasting stimulates my mind on what to eat or cook... And I cooked almost daily..

Alas, Day Three of Eid, back at Temerloh, back at work I have no more drive... i do not feel like eating... although I am hungry.... I love eating... that is my hobby. So loss of appetite is like loss of libido... ah.....depressing.

Maybe I should try sex....That's is another depressing subject!


ardy said...

I think you are just missing your friends. And since there is nothing much you can to in Temerloh, it can get a little depressing, for someone as energetic and fun like you.

Run and swim a lot, to channel out all those wild energy.

John F SeaDemon said...

Dspite having gone for a dive trip with friends I'm still depressed.

What am I missing then?