Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Secret admirer...hmmm

I am having a severe migraine right now. Thus irritating sms's makes me pissed. The following are the exchange of sms's (re-typed as sent/received) that I got today.

Stalker: Hai Miss Lynn, waype tu? Oncall ke arini...?
Me: Sorry la. Ni siapa ni?
Stalker: Secret admirer..heheheh
Me: Kalau tak nak cakap tak yah sms la. Bazir waktu saya aje. Saya takde masa nak layan
Stalker: Takpela sy sedar sy sape... Suka tgk Miss Lynn//IKHLAS la. Tq reply sms sy td. Aritu nagi sms wish hari raya tk reply pn... Smpi tak tido mlm tunggu. Take care
Stalker: Alaaa.jgn la tak layan saya...Saya sedih nanti.. Camne...? Saya ikhlas la, BETUL...

Maybe if I was a young girl I would be so honoured to get a secret admirer. But at this age I don't think I want to be playing games with guys who appears immature and ball-less. And the worse thing is this person is working in the hospital...must be. No one else would be calling me Miss Lynn.

Anyway, whoever is bored and wants to have fun can call this guy: 019-9545475

Do tell me what happen


John F SeaDemon said...

Hmm..I'm gonna look for coins now and go to Batang Kali and call this guy.

ardy said...

Keep your hands off my girl,
Keep your hands off my girl,
Cause I got brass knuckles hanging
from my neck in my chain,
I got brass knuckles hanging from my neck in my chain!

floweryskies said...

ok i would like to add on another number


SD i'll give u extra coins :D

dibawahaspal said...

tiba ku di sini
dari tempatnya si ardy
yang mana asal journey
adalah dari halaman lily
nama mistik si bakawali
namun janganlah kau gusari
si gila hanya gemar dipuaskan jari
perhatikan sahaja setakat ini
sekiranya melebih hubungi polisi

kembaliku ke tanah keras
di bawah aspal

Mike in Ireland said...

I'll sort him out!!!!

(though I don't understand the messages)

Bakawali said...

Hahaha..Hi mike, nice for you to drop by. Well, it's what I told you the other day... blokes sending sms's and refuse to identify themselves..

Same as what fazah told ya earlier.

John F Seademon said...

Come to think of it, are you sure it's a HE?

D.N.A.S said...

My friends and I categorize these stalkers as 'CHICKEN'. Even makciks like me are not spared. Have been stalked a few times. Diorang nak jadi anak ikan I kot. They not only SMS, tapi siap berani call malam-malam buta lagi.

Bakawali said...

Hi D.N.A.S

Thanks for stopping by. Ah I have got those who call at midnight..and asking "what are you wearing now?"..


Anonymous said...

"oh sorry. salah nombor. anayway, who is this?"

"nasi lemak 20 sen"

Anonymous said...

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