Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Melayu Baru

With regards to my previous post, let me tell a brief story of the old frail lady. She has been bedridden for a long time and is taken care of by her one daughter. She has many other children but all were too busy with their work and family to look after her.

Anyway, she developed an infection and gangrane of her foot about a week back. Her daughter wanted to bring her to the hospital but her siblings refused as they asked her to wait till after Raya. But since the foot got worse and became smelly, she was adamant and thus came into our care.

This was the story given to us by her daughter

I am so sad that this is happening to this lady, majority of her family members can't be bothered to look after her.... she would be sad too if she was mentally lucid.

And what is this attitude of after Raya... what is the great deal with Raya, bloody hell they rather have a decomposing corpse at home so that everyone can be there happy there together taking photos with the ailing grandmother.. Or is it that having her in the hospital is so inconvenient and spoils everyone's holiday plan?

During Chinese New Year we see the trend where parents are pushed to the hospital to stay while their family goes off holidaying... those who have served in the ER of government hospitals would know... but are the Malays following suit???

I may rambling about something that I may be totally wrong about. I know nothing about this lady nor her family and thus may have gotten it all wrong. But assuming my assumptions are right, what is happening to the so-called caring Malay society??


John F Seademon said...

What is caring about the malay society?

When you are at the top, they pull you down. When you are down, they step on you.

neomesuff said...

kata2 ini telah wujud begitu lama..
" ibu boleh jaga 10 anak, 10 anak belum tentu boleh jaga seorang ibu "

So must have a financial plan to hire someone to take care of us heh heh

Bakawali said...

Yup... a financial plan for your retirement... kids no kids, married or not... all must have a backup plan.

btw, thanks for dropping by neomesuff