Friday, October 12, 2007

Me, myself and I

I have a friend who is currently in the dumps as he feels betrayed by the one he loves. As a person, he wanted a companion to be with him through thick and thin, till death do you part. However, things did not go as planned and now he feels he's alone. Alone in this world of uncertainties.

He is not alone, as he has friends who cares ( and I am one of them). Maybe we cannot give the support a lover can but we still care. I am one who believes we are the master of our own happiness and destiny. We dictate what would affect and weakens us. WE! I!

Therefore, the comes the statement " Me, myself and I"... It is my motto in life. After a few life changing experiences and relationships... being crushed to the core and having to pick up the pieces of my life and soul I decided that enough was enough. My happiness should not be dictated by people around me, it should be by me. If a person makes me sad and unhappy then they should not be in my life...

Now, I am a selfish b%tch... an ice-queen. But who cares what people say.

As for my friend, I hope he pulls through this.It is a rough road ahead I must admit. But then that is what makes us a better person


ardy said...

Apparently, you are not alone in this. We all hope and pray for the best, but as you mentioned, the decision is his.

Maybe one day he will realise the true meaning of your friendship.

floweryskies said...

which friend aaa? aku rasa cam ada 2 tapi tatau yg mana satu la :D